Angela Ingendaay, MD has been a holistic physician for 20 years and has an active practice

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Helios Academy-TestimonialsI have seen countless practitioners over the years and many of them great to their limits, but what I received from Dr Angela Ingendaay has me taking the time to share with you what she has been able to do so incredibly well for me! She is able to diagnose complex conditions and treat them very effectively in a short period of time. And she also has an amazing ability to see the deeper underlying emotional issues and has allowed me to come to a place of much deeper peace and strength within me. It really feels like that is the place out of which the real healing can emerge! I truly had no idea of what to expect from my first session with Dr. I and can say I ended up receiving so much more than what I came in for. I came in with some serious back pain and a sudden onset of facial palsy, and emerged not only considerably relieved from my symptoms  but also able to embrace my life in a whole new way, unfolding my real passion! I will continue to see this incredibly gifted woman and recommend her HIGHLY to anyone. I cannot find one logical reason why you wouldn’t too! – Adam Barker, Roseville



I have seen Dr Ingendaay for more than 15 years, and she has seen me through severe medical conditions and intense periods of stress in my life. With all the skills and knowledge of all the different disciplines she brings to each session, I feel very deeply supported  and need to say just one thing: “There is a reason I call her Dr. Angel!”– Ezekiel Forester, senior analyst at CA State Department of Agriculture



 I have been seeing Dr I every 6 weeks for over 5 years. When I first started seeing her, I was really highly strung, hyperactive and hypervigilant, and not very happy. I am much calmer these days, and my inner peace brings me much more joy. Marriage has been improved as well!  More physical issues such as severe early spring allergies have also resolved.
I still see her regularly because my general overall health continues to be very good and I attribute that to regular acupuncture “tune ups.” – Tim B., Penn Valley CA

Dr Ingendaay has both traditional training in medicine and mastery of acupuncture and Chinese medicine; this is a perfect blend to bring healing and wellbeing to her patients. Her wisdom and complete knowledge of the healing arts is reflected in the counseling and directions she has provided me. The level of wellbeing and the absence of pain after a treatment are remarkable. Her knowledge is vast and I can feel her deep caring in all her sessions. – With Love, Dora G. Sacramento


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