The Helios Method

The Helios Method to guide you, with Ease

We help people help themselves.

Dr Ingendaay has partnered with other holistically minded Health care practitioners and educators to offer courses and guidance that will help you help yourself.

You will be empowered to release old stress patterns, create greater wellbeing and expand into your potential.

We trust you can be well –
in all of yourself.

Decades of experience have shown us that releasing old habits with ease works
far better, faster, and more effectively than struggling with them.
We care for your success and are prepared to guide you all the way to it.

“We teach incredibly simple and highly effective tools for rapid and lasting change.”

Are unwanted habits, emotions and cravings compromising your health?
Unable to release stress?
Struggling with depression, anxiety, fatigue, inertia?

We invite you to step out of the mode of struggle
and into the mode of Ease to create greater health and wellbeing.

Be Well – With Ease

Transform your life through tangible change

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