Integrative Medicine

Holistic Integrative Medicine services include:

  • all your basic medical needs and preventive medicine measures. We address the need for lab work, diagnostic procedures and medications. I will be glad to work in conjunction with your primary care doctor and other specialists.
  • A wide range of functional tests to assess more deeply the root cause of various conditions
  • The use of herbs, supplements, detoxification protocols, nutritional guidance and other modalities to support a holistic approach

We have a special emphasis on

  • Intestinal health, addressing your microbiome, gut integrity and food intolerances
  • Brain health, addressing the gut-brain axis to optimize clarity of thinking, memory and a variety of other mental issues
  • Hormonal balance to support bountiful energy and vitality at any stage of life. 

I consider these the cornerstones to creating a solid foundation of health.

“By integrating a thorough practice of holistic Western medicine with 5-Element Acupuncture, I can oftentimes vastly enhance my patients’ wellbeing, minimize the need for medications and diagnostic procedures while still maintaining a safety net of medical support. At the same time, I provide a sound preventative basis for your healthcare.”