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Part one: Forget the craving for a specific food.

  • have a sweet tooth that is hard to satisfy?
  • overwhelmed with stress and longing for certain comfort foods?
  • successfully on a diet but still cannot help but think of certain foods?
You will make a small but seismic change in how YOU relate to FOOD.
We teach you how in this 30 minutes video…
Introductory price $25.
We’re also happy to guide you further in a 7 Day Interactive Action Plan so you can really hone in your skills!
You will receive daily tips, reflections and exercises and have your questions answered via email. It is culminated by a live webinar with the instructor.
Introductory price $59. Please email angela@helios.academy to notify us of your interest.


It works because it‘s based on a simple truth:

We achieve lasting change by connecting with our innate intelligence to be well…

You have our full support and we know you can learn these tools quickly and effectively to create the change you are longing for.